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Cages, cells, visible barriers – Destruction to all state shackles

During the last years, we notice the creation of a lot of hearths of resistance in every social field, from the side of the exploited, which results in the increasing intensity of repression. The state, being in a very critical political conjuncture, is being faced with a lot of the resistance simultaneously – strikes, demonstrations, blockings, prison breaks, direct actions. The most recent of these were the strike demonstrations about the Sunday work, which the state attacked fiercely, and the hunger strike of Nikos Romanos, which grew on big dimensions and coiled all over Greece a large dynamic, which as it was proven was about to go till the end. So, in this period of political instability, the state grabs the chance to show the dogma of zero tolerance to any resistance, announces more security measures and laws, culminating with the creation of type C prison units.

Before the elections, the state decides to hasten the operation of these prison units, in a try to coil conservative social stratums, offering more order and security. On the other side, Syriza in the same pre-election climate, promises the abolishment of type C prisons, targeting the political consent of society and of the wider radical movement.

However, while Domokos prison is not ready to have the “terrorists and criminals”, the first transfers of political and criminal prisoners have began. On 30/12/14, the comrade N. Maziotis, member of Revolutionary Struggle, is transferred, and on 02/01/15 they transfer the comrades K. Gournas (R.S.), D. Koufontinas (17N), Naxakis and Sarafoudis, and the convicted for membership in 17N Tzortzatos and Giotopoulos, and of course the transfer of Ch. Xiros on 09/01/15.

The system’s target in the prison’s frameworks is the repression of the prisoners on a collective and individual level. On the collective level, they break the forming communities which have as a target the radical conflict with the prison institution and by that way any chance of insurrection is compressed. So, apathy and inactivation of the prisoners are constituted via the suppression of the collective feeling. The bonds that have risen between the prisoners are destroyed and they isolate with each other. With the harsh close confinement the prisoners lack of any capability of socializing and punishment takes its most atrocious form.

So, it is implicit that any remodeling with the aim of repression’s intensity inside the prison, has a certain impact outside of it as well. On the one hand it creates a security bubble and bring the inactivation of the general social body and on the other hand tries to seed the terror at the most radical parts of society. This terrorizing has on its target anyone who revolts against the system, intending to break their morale and damage any opposing feeling. The state with this remodeling aims the emulation and terrorism, manipulating the public opinion and targeting the anarchists as the most dangerous threat to it.

Confinement is not a modern phenomenon and does not concern only humans. And if the confinement of human animals is aiming the punishment and the “discipline”, the case of the rest of animals goes beyond these narrow frameworks. Non-human animals are imprisoned and tortured for the sake of science, advance and medicine. They are used as experiment objects for the well being of the human species, and are murdered millions upon millions for the testing of products that enrich the capital. The pharmaceutics industry, the large scientific centers and the whole west medicine science are built upon the exploitation of animals and humans, creating false diseases which they later heal with the hi-tech medicines/cure-alls.

Also, reproduction and confinement of non-human animals give the basic food source of the human species in capitalism and is one more profit factor. The thousands exploitation industries for their meat, milk and other products they give, are the modern animal prisons. Confinement embody with consumable lives the show, amusement and fashion industries. Circuses with animals are an atrocious institution, imprisoning them thousands of miles away from their natural environment and teaching them via violence canned tricks for the enjoyment of the miserable audience. The idea of show for the modern human plays a huge role, so that, limited at the boundaries of the city, he visits zoos to meet wildlife, ignoring the fact that they are just another prison. Lastly, as far as fashions is concerned, millions of animals are imprisoned and murdered brutally so that their fur and leather can be used by people who try to gratify their devouring false pride and find ways to show their prestige, by wearing dead bodies of animals.

As anarchists, we do not separate any form of confinement, we recognize its connection with domination and power, and that is why our solidarity with every being is an integral part of our everyday action for the destruction of the existing system. Our words and actions against any form of power, exploitation and enforcement must be total so we can all be free, and that is why our war is not over until the destruction of every cage/cell.

Against the maximum security prisons, wildfire to every cage

Uncompromised struggle for Total Liberation and Anarchy!


Anarchist Collective

Thessaloniki, January 2015


‘’The environmental action is either revolutionary or it’s nothing. The ecology either will reveal the class social causes and the cruel relationships that have created a totally poisoned  planet, or it will be an essence of capitalism.’

Murray Bookchin

As the capitalistic accumulation is getting bigger, as the gap between the rich and the poor is enlarged, as long as the capital is globalized, as the police state protects itself with the help of bureaucracy , as long as people watch their toil getting sold for a penny, as the wealthy north consumes and the pour south suffers, that’s when we realize that our problems are strongly related. That’s why an holistic answer needs to be given, that will confront  the problems as parts of one and only mechanism. The capitalistic expansion, the repression of the state and the environmental  degradation  are parts of the same problem and certainly they cannot be confronted  through a mild socialism, or less participation from the state, or  through the green capitalism’s tricks.


Our struggle for the earth and for liberty is more topical than ever. The multinational companies of the genetically modifies products, control the market of the seeds and put pressure on the states to vote for laws that will control or ban the use of local varieties. Furthermore, nowadays the farmer of the ‘developed’ west is forced to intensify his  production with pesticides and genetically modified products in order to compete the pour  and maltreated  farmer of the developing world, that offers his work just to ensure for himself a piece of bread. At the same time, a large part of the croplands  don’t even concern our food but they are kept as storage for the environmentally  conscious Europeans and Americans. The biofuels are suggested as  a ‘nit’ solution for the climate crisis and huge areas are pledged, but this has as a result the rise of the food price and the starvation of an even larger amount of the human population. In each case however, the capitalist system tends to maintain the levels of the prices where the most profit is ensured. Another large part of the crops is intended for consumption of an enormous number of the non-human animals which are breed in order to end up as food for the wealthy north. These animals are the stakes in humans’ meals.


The animals in the industrial breeding is just a brick in the wall of the exploitation of the non-human lives. Those who are  maltreated  in circus and zoos, those who suffer and slaughtered in the science labs and those who are trapped in small cages at the pet shops, are all included. We stand against the philosophy of the sterile city and we fight for the liberation of all animals not as  ‘pet-friends’ or ‘conscious citizens’, but as anarchists and fanatic lovers of freedom, as people who understand that other species have to satisfy their vital needs and instincts.

‘’I am a fanatic lover of freedom , which i consider  as the only environment  in which the intelligence, dignity and happiness of the human kind  can be grown and evolved.’’

  1. Bakounin


Some years now in Greece,  an anarchist thinking  has started to develop  against speciesism, the discriminatory treatment of the other species. We would rather not hide ourselves behind this identity  and create an additional part of the anarchist theory and movement. We strongly believe however, that  the empowerment of this theory will contribute in the further evolution of the anarchist thinking and it will urge this evolution to a better level of a more broadened freedom. That’s how we pursue total liberation of the earth, the human and the non-human animals.

Through this article of self-presentation we declare that we’re interested in promoting  -inside and outside the anarchist circle- all those elements of the eco-anarchist way of thinking, which are highly significant. We are strictly against the concept of the creation of an eco-anarchist lifestyle, which has no purpose except from self- reference and consumption into meaningless debates. We are interested in  the impregnation of all the elements of anarchism that have a forceful and influential character and can lead to a liberated and ecological society. That hectic force in which we found ourselves as the citizens of south Europe, doesn’t have to make us set priorities in our struggles. We can fight simultaneously   for the defense of the immigrants, the imprisoned  comrades, the working class, the unemployed, the homosexuals with the same passion for the defense of the non-human animals.


We are well aware that today, more than ever, the struggles demand strategy, enlisting and solidarity. The examples of the struggles that include those elements , that we have referred to earlier, are many. One of them is the struggle against the diversion of Acheloos river, the struggle of the residents in islands such as Lesvos and Crete against the wind farms, the networks of solidarity, the networks of the product and service exchange, the struggle of the residents of Keratea. Surely, we must not forget  the struggle of the residents in Chalkidiki that tried  to put an end to the gold mines. Two members of the struggle are already in custody for this case and others are expecting their trial. Moreover, the anarchist Nikos Maziotis was convicted and accused for a bomb set in 1997 as an indication of solidarity to the struggle of the residents in Chalkidiki against the company TVXGold.

We do not forget either, the imprisoned comrades of the ALF and the ELF that are serving their sentences in the prisons of the USA and Europe.

What we have as a weapon against the economic crisis, the  terrorism of the state, the medieval  working status quo, the environmental degradation, is the horizontal, anti-hierarchical structures, the direct actions, the solidarity and anarchy. We fight for the liberation of human and non -human animals, for the liberated eco-communities in cities and villages, for the earth and freedom.

Anarchist Collective

Thessaloniki, June 2013


In early January 2014, an operation of transporting and destroying the chemical weapons of Syria was announced, in the sea area between Crete and Sicily. From the 1500 tons of chemical weapons, 700 (mustard gas and sarin gas) are highly toxic to any living organism. The procedure that will be followed for this destruction is called hydrolysis, and will take place in the conventional cargo ship MV Cape Ray of the American fleet, aged 37 years old. More specifically, hydrolysis is the method by which a complex chemical compound becomes simpler. The problem occurred is that a huge amount of water is required (10,000 tons water for 700 tons of chemical), which will produce, among others, huge quantities of other toxic and corrosive substances along with additional water waste through chemical reactions. Still remains unknown whether this water is going to be transferred again with tankers or is going to be poured in a sea area, with inestimable consequences for the environment and for the food chain, as a result.

Destroying these chemical weapons, which has been chosen in the past, should take place in land-based facilities, where any possible toxic pollution can be under control. For the first time, after the refuse of some countries, to allow this procedure to take place in their territories, the process of hydrolysis has been chosen to take place in a sea area. According to the law, the destruction should take place on a territory of a country that has produced or purchased these chemical weapons. To avoid reactions from the reported countries, it has been decided that this procedure will take place in international waters and, in particular, the Mediterranean Sea.

During this process, the used quantity of water should be checked before flowing from the hydrolysis unit into the sea. Moreover, the chemical compounds that will arise should be removed for further destruction (usually incineration). This way, we realize that dropping part of these substances at sea will surely happen, and will cause, if not immediate death, huge long-term problems in living organisms which may not be visible from us.

Knowing that nature is just another piece of exploitation so that political and economic interests can be achieved, we stand up against not only the destruction of chemical weapons, in land as much as in the sea, but also in their production and the cause that leads to this, meaning war, one of the motivating forces of capitalism.  The state, trying to achieve total imperialism, is attempting to impose on visible enemies, producing other invisible, and uses the term “terrorism” to declare itself as the patron of the citizens. Its own existence constitutes a declaration of war in different per time fields. The internal war in each country uses various forms of repression, such as persecution, imprisonment and deportation, in its attempt to impose on radical social groups and, moreover, to create an illusion of safety to the citizens. As a result, a reproduction and perpetuation of national ideals is possible, which can lead either to passivity or to enthusiastic support of the political-economic expansionism. In addition, a feeling of insecurity is created while trying to maintain the national territories and thus, in order to deal with the external enemy, military forces are being formed and nurtured that enhance and maintain the war industry.

The nuclear power plants are a huge part of this industry, and in order to reinforce it, they constantly produce new weapons, while withdrawing the old ones, as in this case. It also produces more weapons of mass destruction (e.g. toxic chemicals and gases, bombs, etc. ), by testing them in non-human animals, contributing this way to their disappearance, and causing incalculable environmental damage in nature .

The results of this war contain, apart from the massive slaughter of peoples, the exploitation of the “consumable”, violently impoverished human labor in these industries of death, which are directly connected with the energy industries (e.g. nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons). The nuclear reactors, using uranium as fuel, produce plutonium, which is being re-used for the production of energy and for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. All these supply and maintain their own root, capitalism.

From the beginning of its existence, capitalism has created concepts such as ownership, profits, interests, hierarchy, domination-power, all of which have led to the imposition and exploitation of human and non-human animals and nature. It has created nations and states separating people, it has prioritized people by class.

As anarchists, we deny any national identity and choose not to fight for any state. We fight against the interests of capitalism, premising its destruction and we stand against the control of our lives, the pillage of nature and the exploitation of non-human animals.






Anarchist collective

Thessaloniki, April 2014

Food Kitchen: why in a squat, why collective, why vegan

As the anarchist collective Mavro/Prasino (Black/Green) we fight for total liberation (Earth, Animals, Humans), putting forward the destruction of every form of authority that is mercilessly imposing on every being and oppose to every form of exploitation and oppression. Driven by self-organisation and solidarity, we choose to activate and be a part of Terra Incognita Squat.

Squats constitute islets of freedom inside the capitals generalized misery. They are places of resistance and struggle, built upon partnership. Composed by people who act without hierarchy, with self-organisation and fight continuously for social liberation and anarchy.

So we, as part of the anarchist movement, we choose to exist in a place like this, to built strong relationships and act collectively in order to bring a crucial, for us, issue to the surface. We consider the liberation of the Earth and Animals as an equivalent part of the struggle for both Total Liberation and the Anarchist Struggle. It’s a worldwide movement that exists for decades and counts many direct actions and a lot of prisoners, and it is still inspiring movements and burning flames.

Driven by the need to affiliate the total liberation affair in the overall movement, not like something that is cut off, but like something necessary, we started organizing some open actions. Seeing the consequences that the restructure of the capitalism brought in a very large part of the society, we wanted to organize a vegan collective kitchen two times each month. Collective kitchen is neither common meals nor charities. Collective kitchen is another opportunity to gather together, to interact with each other and build relationships. It’s a self-organised project and it must not be considered as a temporary redemption inside the everyday hell that capitalism has impose to us. It’s a way to satisfy some of our everyday needs and based on a set of values, such as anti-corporate, anti-hierarchy, self-organization, and to bring forward the solidarity among the strugglers.

We believe that human domination upon nature and non-human animals has become a part of man’s eating habits not as a mean of survival but as a mean of perpetuating a culture of violence and blood and so we choose to completely abstain from animal products. Our aim is the end of animal exploitation. Finally, by advocating veganism (not consuming animals and animal products) as a purely political act and not just as a dietary choice, we do not tolerate any form of authoritarian domination of the human species on other species for the satisfaction of anthropocentric and exploitative visions, and we fight openly against any culture and tradition that places man as the leader of the universe.

Uncompromising Struggle for Total Liberation and Anarchy

Anarchist Collective

Thessaloniki, April 2014